It is a shared responsibility to ensure that the property and its shared facilities are well-kept. We are convinced that a well-kept, clean and tidy property increases the satisfaction of our tenants and helps make it a home where you enjoy being and a place where you are happy to live.

That is why we have chosen to employ our own staff at the properties. Our caretakers wear approved work clothes with a logo and are visible and accessible at the properties.

In the apartment

You are obliged to maintain the interior of the apartment yourself with regard to walls, floors, ceilings, etc. Remember to descale white goods regularly.

You are responsible for cleaning windows in your own apartment, both inside and out. We take care of window cleaning in shared facilities and any function rooms.

You can find the tenant guide for your property in the link below.





Kirkebjerg Parken



Outdoor areas and courtyards

These are maintained by the caretakers of the properties with the help of tenants, who are asked not to litter.

Bulky waste

You are responsible for the removal of bulky waste such as furniture, drying racks, etc.

Most properties have at source sorting for bottles, cardboard, iron/metal, etc.