Full or partial subletting of the apartment



As a tenant, you have the right to sublet a maximum of half of the apartment's living rooms for accommodation purposes. The total number of people living in the apartment must not exceed the number of living rooms.

Subletting of the entire apartment:

As a tenant, you have the right to sublet your entire apartment for a continuous period of no more than 2 years, provided you can document that the subletting period is temporary and due to illness, business travel, a study trip or similar.

Before entering into a subletting agreement, you must apply to us for permission.

You can apply via the link below.



As a tenant, you continue to guarantee that the rent is paid on time, and you are liable to us for any default, etc.


Airbnb and other holiday letting

Subletting in whole or in part for Airbnb or any other form of holiday let is not permitted and will result in termination of the tenancy.


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