We have designated some of our properties as non-smoking. This means that smoking is not allowed inside the actual apartment or in the property's indoor shared facilities. Apartment terraces/balconies are an exception.

Smoking is allowed in the property's outdoor areas.

When smoking in the property's outdoor areas and on apartment balconies/terraces, remember to consider other tenants, i.e. do not smoke close to another tenant’s terrace or stand by an open front door. Always remember to throw your cigarette butts into a rubbish bin or ashtray.

Currently, the following properties are non-smoking:

    • Teglværkskajen
    • CobraHave
    • AstaHus
    • Trekronergade124
    • Kirkebjerg Parken


You should be aware that regular smoking in your apartment may result in increased refurbishment costs when you move out because walls may require extra anti-nicotine treatment to remove any odour and discoloration.