Rent invoice, deposit, etc.

The rent is due for payment on the 1st of each month or the first working day thereafter.

The rent invoice includes the actual rent as well as an on-account charge for water and heating.

Internet, TV, etc. is not included. You must arrange these with the provider yourself.

If a tenant board has been established at the property where you live, the board may decide that a subscription should be paid for activities or various initiatives at the property. At present, this can be a maximum of DKK 29.16 per month.

The rent applicable at any given time is adjusted each year with effect from January 1. In addition, the rent is adjusted to consider any increases in taxes and charges. This matter is described in more detail in §11 of the tenancy agreement.

You are responsible for ensuring that the rent is paid on time. It is a good idea to set up a direct debit for your rent.



The deposit is always equivalent to 3 months’ rent. The deposit is always adjusted in connection with other rent adjustments such that it always corresponds to the applicable rent.

You must continue to pay rent during the notice period. The deposit that you pay is security for the condition of the apartment when you move out.


Advance rent

In some of our properties, you must pay advance rent before you move in. During your notice period, your rent will be covered by the advance rent that you paid. Advance rent is regulated in the same way as the deposit, as described above.


Billing of water and heating

Water and heating bills are prepared once a year. You will receive a heating bill 4 months after the end of the financial year.

Additional charges or refunds will be collected or paid in connection with the subsequent rent invoice.

On-account water/heating will always reflect consumption and can therefore be adjusted up or down.