Moving Out


When moving out, including for refurbishment

Notice of termination

You have now given notice to terminate your tenancy and received a confirmation of the termination. If necessary, read the section “Notice to terminate your tenancy”.


Condition of the apartment when you move out

You have taken over your apartment newly refurbished and must hand back the apartment as stipulated in your tenancy agreement. 

Preliminary inspection

We offer you the option of a preliminary inspection. This is an inspection of the apartment where you are made aware of the work that we expect to be performed before you move out.

The preliminary inspection should not be regarded as a final moving-out inspection, but as an additional service that gives you the opportunity to discuss the condition of the apartment with us before you move out.

The contact details of our member of staff responsible for your apartment will be provided in the letter confirming your notice of termination.


Moving-out inspection

You will be invited to attend a moving-out inspection. This is the final inspection before you hand back the keys to the apartment. As with the moving-in inspection, the apartment will be inspected with you and the caretaker present. The moving-out report and accompanying photo documentation will be prepared for use in connection with the final statement of account. The moving-out inspection will take around one hour. At the time of the inspection, you will be given a price estimate for any refurbishment work.

Statement of account

The statement of account includes the following: deposit, advance rent, on-account water and heating and refurbishment costs.

The final account will be sent to you approximately 4-6 weeks after your contract release date.


A small amount will be withheld until the final water and heating bills are available. Read more about this under “Rent invoice, deposit, etc.”


If you do not agree with the extent of the refurbishment work, the matter can be referred to the Rent Control Board, which is an independent body.