Moving in


When moving into your new home

Prior to the handover meeting at the property

  • You have signed a tenancy agreement and returned to us
  • You have paid a deposit and where required, an advance rental payment
  • We have confirmed receipt of the above and informed you of the date and time of your meeting with our caretaker for the key handover and moving-in inspection


Moving-in day

Prior to us handing over the apartment to you, we have inspected it to make sure you take over a newly refurbished apartment without any faults or defects.

In connection with the key handover, you will be invited to a moving-in inspection. Here, the apartment will be inspected again, this time with you and the property's caretaker present. Based on this inspection, a moving-in report will be prepared describing the condition of the inspected apartment. The caretaker will take photos of the apartment and you are very welcome to do the same. The photos are used as documentation in connection with the moving-out inspection. Upon completion of the inspection, the moving-in report will be signed by both parties and a copy sent to you electronically.

You should expect the inspection to take one hour.

In addition, the caretaker will offer you any assistance you might need and tell you about the property's shared facilities, e.g. any function rooms, basement rooms, bicycle parking, etc


No later than 14 days after you move in

After you move in, you have 14 days to report any faults or defects relating to the apartment that you were not aware of at the time of the inspection.

Faults and defects must be recorded in a faults & defects list, which you will be given on the day you move in. If we receive a faults & defects list, we will process it and send you written feedback on the issues together with a plan for addressing them.


Utilities etc.

You are automatically registered for the electricity supply at the move-in inspection. After that, you are free to choose another electricity provider.

Remember that you must register for contents insurance, internet and TV etc.