Charging Stations


Electric charging stations

We are experiencing increasing demand for electric car charging stations and have therefore set up charging stations from Clever at our residential properties: TeglværkskajenCobraHave, Kirkebjerg Parken and AstaHus.

The parking spaces with electric charging stations are made available to those tenants who rent a parking space. You must take out a subscription with Clever, and you must park in the spaces marked with EL.

Each outlet has a maximum capacity of 22 kW.


Charging procedure

  • You rent a parking space with C.W Obel Bolig
  • You enter into a subscription agreement with Clever
  • Set your parking disc on arrival
  • You have 3 hours of parking available each day between 08.00 and 24.00 and unlimited parking between 00.00 and 08.00
  • Connect your own cable to the stand and start charging
  • When charging is complete, or when the three hours have passed, you must move your car to make room for others
  • Remember your cable