Tenant board


Tenants have the right to elect a tenant board if more than 50% of all tenants in the property are in favour.

See link to the Danish Executive Order on Tenant Representation

A tenant’ board is the primary link between tenant and property owner. An active tenant board can help give tenants insight and influence on how the property should be run and help to strengthen the cooperation between tenant and property owner. This means that any questions and major changes regarding the running of the property will be discussed with the tenant’ board.

Tenant boards are formed and dissolved at tenant meetings. Tenant boards must as a minimum convene for an annual tenant meeting. At this meeting, new representatives are elected and the current board discusses the past year. However, the tenant board routinely informs other tenants about what is happening at the property.

If you have questions relating solely to you or your apartment, you should take these up with our administration.